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Interview on MVVM

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Interview on MVVM

[ Miguel Rodriguez | C# Developers / Architects ]

Hello All.

I am currently holding a mobile development course at a local university and we are focusing mainly in Windows Phone and Android.

At this moment, I just finished the MVVM introduction (theory and labs) and I would like to close (the introduction) with an interview with an architect that can provide us insight about the advantages of using MVVM, the impact on the company, the learning curve, benefits on code reuse and so on…

So I am looking for volunteers to have an interview via Skype or phone, they can be technical leaders, architects or developers that have experience on MVVM (Windows Phone or Android or both) but that their experience extends beyond simple projects or spans several projects and they can share their insight with us.

The idea is to record the interview and upload it to BlackBoard as part of the MVVM module.

If you have a question or comments, please let me know


Here is a very interesting presentation on why (and how) Github uses MVVM.

In one word: portability. (The new “code reuse”?)

Capparelli [ nov 2013 ]


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