.NET Expert



Last Expericences




Development, analysis, design/architecture, consultancy
on software products and business processes.

Dealing with IT for 20+ years, I have worked mostly (but not exclusivelly) with Microsoft’s products and technologies, usually using the best practices and patterns on software development and project management.

I have acted as developer, analyst, architect and sometimes as consultant, for organizations of many sizes and industries, especially on banking and insurance multinational corporations as well as e-commerce projects.

Currently I am seeking an opportunity with focus on qualified professional activities, both results and commitment oriented; on collaborative, challenging and proactive working environments, which promotes and facilitates alignment with business area, and that excels for its continuous evolution and for the expanding satisfaction and qualitatively and quantitatively growth of all its stakeholders.

Among my goals, principles and characteristics, besides the ones I just mentioned, I highlight learning and continuous apprenticeship, quality and productivity focus, and on cohesive and motivated teams; as well as relationships based on values such honesty, trust / autonomy, ethics, coherence and engagement.

On my free time, I like to be with may family, to study, to play some guitar, to meet friends, to meditate and to be in contact with nature (beaches, waterfalls, etc.).

Be very welcome to my website!

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